No matter the type of carpet or where it’s situated in your home, your carpet will see its fair of wear and tear through the days. If your carpet is limited to only a few rooms of your house, or if it’s located in a commercial property, there are a few steps you can take to keep it clean and neat.

An unkempt carpet can invite rot and bacterial infestations, which could potentially lead to health issues for your families or employees. Being proactive is a crucial step in keeping these problems from manifesting, so read ahead and learn how you can keep your carpet as clean as It’s ever been.


Start with a Routine

When you vacuum frequently, you don’t need to clean every single carpeted area. You just need to clean the areas that see the most traffic and need a good cleansing. Start with cleaning the most frequently used sites and clean as necessary from there. You should be vacuuming about one to three days to avoid bigger jobs with potentially settled dirt and rot.

Again, only the most used areas need to be cleaned this frequently. Additionally, it’s a good idea to vacuum at the end of your cleaning routine to ensure you’ve not missed any added dirt. If you rely on a professional cleaning service, such as Sunshine Carpet Cleaning, you can rest easy knowing your carpet will never be wet the day after cleaning.


Utilize Entrance Mats

It’s been estimated that eighty percent of all soil, dust, and other contaminants enter your space from visitors’ shoes. You can cut down on a significant portion of this dirt by adding a simple entrance mat to the front of your room and making sure visitors and frequent users wipe their feet before entering.

Adding an entrance mat will also take a good deal of pressure off of your carpeted areas in terms of dealing with dirt and grime, allowing them to last longer and stay cleaner for longer. Mats also become a keen investment during rainy or snowy days, when your employees or family are more prone to slip-and-fall accidents.


Address Spills Immediately

Long-term carpet cleaning routines call for gradual and patient addressing of dirt and grime, but there are events, such as spills, spot-on messes, and stains, where you should address the mess immediately. Your employees should know that it’s their responsibility to clean up their mess immediately and thoroughly if they spill in the office.

If they’re not quick to act, their mess could quickly seep into the fibers of the carpet and leave a more permanent mess to take care of down the road. Your space should also have access to cleaning supplies for this very situation.

Don’t Trust Just Any Cleaning Service

Many discounts and rushed cleaning services leave behind dirt, debris, and residue inside your carpet. Sunshine Carpet Cleaning is different, however.

Sunshine Carpet Cleaning offers you a deep clean using chemicals that won’t damage your carpet’s fibers and is thoroughly washed away to leave only a sparkling fresh carpet. Sunshine Carpet Cleaning also guarantees that your carpets will be dry and navigable the very next day after their wash.


Final Thoughts

Keeping your carpets clean doesn’t seem truly important on its surface, but a clean carpet is the first and most significant obstacle to the dirt and rot which want to infest your space. If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaner, there’s no better service than Sunshine Carpet Cleaning. Call today for a free quote and keep your employees and family safe and happy with a fresh, clean carpet.