Living in the present world, you’re privy and savvy to the chemicals in the food you eat as well as the cleaning supplies you use to clean your home. You understand the harm it can have to your family as well as your beloved pets. So when it comes to professional carpet cleaning, you need to consider what type of chemicals a company will use on your floors.


What Is Green Carpet Cleaning?

Green carpet cleaning is when a professional carpet cleaner uses eco-friendly products to deep clean the fibers in your rug. Often referred to as non-toxic chemicals or sustainable formulas, these cleaners are safe for bare feet, babies, and pets. When a professional carpet cleaner uses green cleaning solutions, you can trust that it is hypoallergenic so it won’t trigger any allergies you or your family may have.

It’s a common myth that you might be alluded to believe that green carpet cleaning doesn’t remove as much bacteria as traditional carpet cleaning chemicals – that is false. Many eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions on the market remove stains, pet hair, bacteria, and more. Additionally, these cleaners will also leave your carpets feeling lush and will not leave residue behind after a professional cleaning.


The Dangers of Leaving Residue Behind on Your Carpets

Sometimes with traditional carpet cleaning, the cleaning products used might leave behind unwanted residue on your carpet’s fibers. Having crunchy carpets is not only unsightly, however, it also acts as a magnet to attract more dirt and bacteria. Furthermore, traditional carpet cleaners may be using cleaning solutions that damage your carpet and diminish your rugs’ life span. Remember, not all professional carpet cleaners are equal – and the chemicals they use matter to help you maintain good carpet health.


Keeping Your Carpets Safe For Children/ Pets

Green carpet cleaning is much safer for your family, children, and furry friends. When traditional carpet cleaners use harmful chemicals, those chemicals may come in contact with your pet’s paws or, even worse, your toddler’s hands… which, as you know, toddlers and their hands go everywhere (including the inside of their mouths!).

Beyond having young ones and pets, harmful chemicals stuck within your rug’s fibers may also get carried throughout the house if your family wears their shoes indoors.

The non-green chemicals a carpet cleaner uses may also give off toxic fumes that can cause kidney and liver damage. Remember always to ask the professional carpet cleaner you’re hiring what types of chemicals they will be using inside your home. Here at Sunshine Carpet Cleaning, we only use safe, non-hazardous, green carpet cleaning chemicals that allow for a deep-clean and lush rug.

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