Having clean carpets is essential to keeping an aesthetic home and keeping your family healthy from bacteria and other surprises that can be lurking deep within the fibers.

However, there are many misconceptions you (and many people) might have about the carpet cleaning industry: “How often should I have my carpets professional cleaned?”, “What Should I look for when hiring a carpet cleaning service?”, “Do carpet cleaning chemicals matter?” and “Do I need a professional carpet cleaner – what’s the worst that can happen?”

Here at Sunshine Carpet Cleaning, we’re not here to sell you a carpet cleaning service every month – or even bi-monthly. We’re here to educate you on the common misconceptions and downfalls that can happen to you and your family if you forgo proper care on your carpets.


How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?

Delving into the common question of “how often should I get my carpets cleaned?” –  it depends on a few factors and your personal preference. There is not a one size fits all model; some of you might only have your carpets cleaned yearly, some quarterly, and some of you might even want them cleaned bi-monthly.

You need to consider a few things: First, how much foot traffic (shoes) do your carpets receive? Second, do you have little ones and/or pets running across your floors? Those two factors are the significant elements you need to consider when debating how often to have your carpets professionally cleaned; that is how bacteria and other grime gets trapped beneath the fibers and then tracked through the rest of the house. For a more in-depth analysis on how often to get your carpets cleaned, please visit our previous blog post here.


What Should I look for when hiring a carpet cleaning service?

 When looking for a professional carpet cleaning service to let into your beloved home, your best bet is initially to take it to Google. Doing a brief online search will show you a carpet cleaner’s digital credibility, online reviews, years in business, and ore.

After you’ve found a few of the best professional carpet cleaners in your area, you need to consider their level of professionalism. Professionalism correlates to what type of equipment they use (trust us, this seriously matters in keeping your carpets fresh and lush) and if their employees arrive in uniform and marked vehicles. Remember, you are letting these people into your home; you need to trust them!


Do carpet cleaning chemicals matter?

 Yes, the chemicals a professional carpet cleaner uses matter. Why? If the substances a carpet cleaner uses are not eco-friendly, the chemicals can be left behind on the fibers, transferred to paws, baby feet/hands, and your shoes – which then gets trekked throughout the rest of your home.

Many safe carpet cleaning chemicals on the market can get deep down beneath your rug’s fibers and still produce an ideal end-result. Beyond being eco-friendly or not, some chemicals can also leave behind residue on your carpet, damaging your carpets. The residue left behind on your rug’s fibers can shrink your carpet, reduce its life expectancy, and create a magnet for bacteria.


Do I need a professional carpet cleaner – what’s the worst that can happen?

Everybody should consider having their carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. Here’s why:

  1. Reputable (and the best) professional carpet cleaning services have truck-mounted systems; this allows for more suction and a cleaner, fluffier carpet.
  2. Professional carpet cleaners know the best approach depending on the type of carpet you have
  3. Having your carpets professional cleaned can protect your fibers from future harm

While your home won’t go up in flames by not having your carpets cleaned by a professional, you will need to replace your carpets more frequently vs. carpets that are taken care of by an expert. You also welcome the risk of breathing in harmful bacteria that gets trapped beneath the fibers – your home vacuum does not do the same job as a truck-mounted, professional carpet cleaning vacuum.


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