With so many carpet cleaning companies accessible thanks to the Internet, how do you decide when hiring one to trust in your beloved home, and not to mention, who will provide the best carpet cleaning service? Do you look at the company’s Google Reviews? What about their website – or do you rely solely on word-of-mouth?

While all the above credentials are excellent (and essential), there are a few additional areas particular to the carpet cleaning industry that you need to be privy to when making a decision on which company to hire.

1. Reputation

Living in a world surrounded by technology, it’s natural to research a carpet cleaning company before inviting them into your home. As we mentioned earlier, having some solid Google Reviews is an excellent place to start; however, it is not solely enough if you want the best carpet cleaner for your home or office. Look at a business’s social media pages and website to ensure they are a viable business.

If a company is “not keeping up with the times,” more so or less, it will be visible on their social pages. Having reviews, an updated website, and upholding a current social media presence will shed firsthand knowledge on a businesses’ reputation. However, when it comes to finding a reputable carpet cleaning service, you also need to ensure to ask them what equipment they use as it makes a vast difference for your carpet.

2. Equipment

The equipment a carpet cleaning business uses makes number two on our list of admirable carpet cleaner qualities because there is a vast difference in truck-mounted cleaners vs. portable cleaners. Truck-mounted cleaners have significantly greater power, higher water pressure, and greater water temperatures; these higher power units provide for a fluffier, cleaner carpet.

How so might you be thinking? Using a truck-mounted cleaner means the technician won’t have to go over troubled areas as frequently, which prolongs the life of your carpet. The real ringer here, due to the increased capacity, truck-mounted cleaners allows your carpet to dry significantly faster – no more wet soggy carpets for hours on end. Here at Sunshine Carpet Cleaning, we only use truck-mounted cleaners for the best result; not to mention we have an exclusive 10x ionic+ rinse process that allows the carpets we clean to dry even faster than the completion – ask us about it!

3. Professionalism

Working in the carpet cleaning industry, sometimes people try to pass themselves off as a reputable carpet cleaning service. Please be aware. When choosing a reputable carpet cleaner, you want to ensure they will arrive in marked vehicles, so you know who you’re letting into your beloved home. Employees should be recognizable by their uniform, and while it’s not mandatory, a smile (even through a face mask) goes a long way. This layer of professionalism is something we’re incredibly proud of here at Sunshine Carpet Cleaning; our staff is well-trained, will arrive in a marked Sunshine Carpet Cleaning vehicle, and will greet you with a warm smile in uniform.

When it comes to hiring a reputable carpet cleaning service, remember to check the boxes above to find the best carpet cleaner in your area. By asking what type of equipment they use, reading reviews, and ensuring they are a legitimate business, you will be on your way to beautiful, clean carpets.

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