Flooring is inevitably the one thing you walk upon every day of your life. From the home you live in all the way to the Dunkin’ down the road and to your office carpeting, your shoes shuffle in and out of many places throughout the day, dragging bacteria and other little nasty germs along the way. How delightful.

The carpeting in your home or in your office can provide many benefits – as long as they are properly cared for and maintain “good carpet health”.

What Is Good Carpet Health?

Good carpet health is the main priority at Sunshine Carpet Cleaning. When talking about “good carpet health”, it means you need to take into consideration:

Having Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned Monthly*.

Depending on how much foot traffic you have in your home or office, the frequency of how often you should clean your carpets will vary. Some commercial offices need their carpets cleaned weekly while some only need it bi-weekly.

Adding Entryway Mats.
While it’s inevitable that dirt and other microscopic germs will be tracked onto your carpet, by simply adding doormats to entryways you will be able to reduce the amount of crud that gets brought in.

Handling Spills ASAP.

Things happen, such as coffee spilling all over your keyboard and onto the carpeted floor. When things spill onto your carpet, make sure to blot the stain with a white towel or paper towel and then spray hydrogen peroxide on it; let this sit for 2-3 minutes before removing. (Colored towels or paper towels with dye can bleed onto the carpet, so always use white!)

Utilizing Eco-friendly & Safe Cleaning Chemicals.

When it comes to cleaning the carpets in your life, you best be using safe and eco-friendly cleaning materials. Similar to how shoes can track bacteria onto carpets, chemicals can rub off onto humans if they touch the carpeting with their skin (think children especially) or chemicals can accidentally get indigested from the leftover residue after cleaning (again think about young children and/or pet paws).

What’s Really Hiding Under Your Carpet?

Believe it or not, despite what you (think) can see on the surface, there are millions of microscopic germs, dirt, bacteria, and more lurking deep under your carpet fibers. (If you have a pet at home or an office dog, chances are there is some pet urine stuck under your padding and sub-flooring as well.) So, what else could be hiding under your carpets?

• Dirt
• Dead Skin Cells
• Human Hair/ Pet Hair
• Pollen
• Dust Mites
• Smoke
• Special Presents
• E. coli

Neglecting to clean your carpets will decrease the lifespan of the carpet itself as the bacteria will make your carpet smell and become darker over time due to the dirt trapped in the fibers.

How To Maintain Healthy Carpets

Regardless if it’s for your family at home or for your employees down at the office, it’s understandable that you would want to maintain good carpet health. Maintaining healthy carpets starts with properly caring for them.

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend having your office carpets professionally cleaned bi-weekly and for your home, we recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned seasonally*. (Again, this will change depending on a variety of factors.)

When choosing a professional carpet cleaning service, make sure you consider the following:

The Cleaning Process

Sunshine Carpet Cleaning uses an exclusive “10x Ionic + Rinse” process that encapsulates and dries dirt, making it easier to remove contaminants through vacuuming. This process also allows for relatively quick drying time. When choosing a carpet cleaner, make sure to ask about the cleaning process and how long you can expect your carpets to be wet. (This particular process allows the carpets to dry with very little dry time.)

Chemicals/ Cleaners

Sunshine Carpet Cleaning uses safe, eco-friendly cleaning materials when cleaning your carpet. For obvious reasons, this is extremely important and something you definitely need to take into consideration when finding a reputable carpet cleaner.

Professionalism & Reputation

Sunshine Carpet Cleaning always sends a marked vehicle and employee in uniform when serving clients. Would you want to let just anyone into your home or office building? Make sure to read up on the carpet cleaner’s reputation online as well – you can learn a lot from customer reviews.

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