With so many carpet cleaning businesses out here in Northern, NJ, how are you supposed to know how to pick the best one for your needs?

While there is not a magic eight ball you can shake for an instant answer, thanks to technology you have the accessibility to do your due diligence and ensure you’re picking the best carpet cleaning service. On top of researching, however, there are specific questions and elements of the carpet cleaning business you need to familiarize yourself with in order to know what to ask for and what to look for in a carpet cleaning company.

When Picking The Best Carpet Cleaning Company, Here Are Four Things To Consider:

Reputation + Professionalism:

When it comes to picking the best carpet cleaning company, you need to find a reputable, trusted business before you have them come into your home or office. A reputable carpet cleaner will have client reviews on websites such as Google or Facebook, and as with any business, you can learn a lot by reading reviews from previous customers.

Additionally, when it comes to sourcing a reputable carpet cleaning company, you want to ensure that there is a level of professionalism. (The carpet cleaning industry gets knocked a lot for this, so pay attention!)

Professionalism means choosing a carpet cleaner that has been in business for a few years (at least), has branded vehicles and employee uniforms so you know who’s outside before you open the door, and equips their team with state-of-the-art equipment. All of these elements create a trustworthy environment between both you and the carpet cleaner; something that’s rather important before inviting them into your home or office space.

The Carpet Cleaning Process:

Not all carpet cleaning processes are the same.
Not all carpet cleaning processes are the same.
Not all carpet cleaning processes are the same.

(We wrote it three times; did it stick yet!?)

So while you aren’t a carpet cleaning expert, you are savvy enough to know that the process in which carpets are cleaned is definitely not the same. Some carpet cleaning services use a steam cleaning method while others use a wet cleaning method; some of these methods use chemicals while others rely on the steam alone. There are pros and cons to each method, such as being left with a wet carpet for a while or not.

At Sunshine Carpet Cleaning, the carpet cleaning process uses an exclusive “10X Ionic + Rinse” carpet cleaning procedure. This exclusive process encapsulates the dirt and bacteria in the fibers of your carpet and then dries them together so it can be removed by a simple vacuuming with very little dry time – leaving your carpet fresh, fluffy, and residue-free.

Safe Chemicals/ Eco-friendly Cleaners:

It’s not enough to only consider the actual carpet cleaning process, you must also consider the chemicals being used and if they are eco-friendly. Inhaling toxic chemicals can be hazardous to you and your family as well as the environment. Do you have small children that crawl all over the floor? What about pets and their paws? You want to ensure that however your carpet is being cleaned, it’s being cleaned safely.

At Sunshine Carpet Cleaning, all the carpet cleaners and chemicals used are safe for humans and they are also sustainably friendly.

The Actual Scope of Work:

As like anything in life, the lowest price-point might not always be the best option. Don’t be blindsided by a lower carpet cleaning quote right off the bat; instead, educate yourself and ask why. Some questions to ask regarding the scope of the carpet cleaning service:
• Will you move the furniture or will we be responsible?
• Can you briefly walk me through the carpet cleaning process?
• Is the carpeting on the staircase included?
• Do you provide spot treatments or treatments to treat urine odor from pets? Included or extra?
• Are there any add-ons I can include to protect the carpet against stains/ spills?
• What is your appointment window? (SCC has 1-2 hour arrival time slots)

At the end of the day, it’s important for you to find a carpet cleaning company that you can trust to get the job done right the first time. To learn more about the carpet cleaning industry and to get a better firsthand look, please view some of our videos or call us at (973) 827-6892.