The carpet and tile flooring in your home should be cared for and regularly maintained.  Vacuuming periodically and quickly attending to spills can help extend the life of your flooring.  Not only can carpet be a haven for allergens and dust, but your tile can also hold bacteria.

Keeping these areas clean helps your health, especially in homes that have residents with asthma and allergies. Clean flooring also enhances your home’s appearance; Cleaner carpeting has a bigger pile and a softer feel. Your flooring is an investment that is worth maintaining. Sunshine Carpet Cleaning knows this, and we are here to help.


Get Completely Clean Carpets with 10x Ionic + Rinse

When you hire a professional to clean your home, you deserve an in-depth cleaning.  We provide four passes to clean your carpet and six to extract all of the residue left by detergent.  Your carpet ends up clean, free of rubble, and it dries faster.

You can get back to the business of your life much more quickly with a Sunshine Carpet kind of cleaning.


Freshen the Look of Your Furniture with our Upholstery Cleaning Service

Our upholstery cleaning service gives your furnishings more life.  When you are looking around your room thinking it’s time to buy new furniture, maybe your current pieces just need renewal.  Sunshine Carpet Cleaning will vacuum your sofas and chairs, examine their condition, and get to work with our specialized cleaners.


Bring Life and a Little Shine Back to Your Tile & Grout

Tile flooring anywhere in the home is a great idea. It’s attractive and durable, but even it needs a little TLC from time to time.  When left unattended, your tile and grout can take on an entirely new hue.  Even when you care for your tile regularly by mopping and scrubbing, the chemicals used can be absorbed into the materials; This can change the color or make the tile appear dull.  Before your tiles become discolored, let us professionally clean your tile. We combine alkaline chemistry and high pressure 240° Ionic Rinse to return the shine of your floors. Once we are gone, it will be easier to maintain them, and you will love the way a newly cleaned floor brightens your home.


Have Your Carpets Deodorized for a Fresh Smelling Home

Keeping your carpet smelling fresh is a breeze for Sunshine Carpet Cleaning.  With our enzyme that works to dissolve any remnants causing the odor and performing a deep scrub, we can remove dander and hair in your flooring.


Proactively Safeguard Your Investment with Re-Apply Factory Protector

Carpets come with a protector; after time, you must have this reapplied to ensure that your rug lasts.

Our professionals will reapply the factory protector in high traffic areas to ensure that soils don’t attach to your carpet and extend its life. Routinely adding these to your carpet’s fibers will deter soils from sticking and prolong the life of your rug.


Our Services Extend to Your Staircase

As one of the highest traffic areas in the home, it is also one of the hardest to keep clean.

Whether carpeted or tiled, it’s easy to wear out the stairs in your home.  Keeping your flooring well maintained and cleaned is essential. Carpeted stairs usually don’t receive the same attention when you are vacuuming your home.  And tiles stairs are sometimes difficult to clean.  We treat your staircase equally, giving it the same deep-cleaning as the flooring in the rest of your home.


Keep Your Flooring in Good Shape with our Urine Odor Rx Treatment

Your beloved pet can have accidents.  When you clean them, remember that those odors often remain in the pad and subfloor.

Our team utilizes UV light and works to remove spots down to your subfloor.


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Sunshine Carpet Cleaning Services offers deep cleaning without all of the leftover residues and gets you back on your floors sooner. Our products are safe for all of your carpets and the entire family, including your pets. We offer flat-rate pricing, small appointment windows, and send out local reliable, uniformed technicians to accomplish your project.

We offer the best customer service and cleaning in Sussex. With state-of-the-art equipment and innovative methods, we work to deliver floors free of debris and stains. Give us a call today or visit our website,, to schedule your service.