Carpets are less costly than other flooring options and comfier underfoot. But, carpets need to be cleaned and can stain easier than other flooring options. Just like your clothes are washed regularly, your carpets need to be thoroughly washed as well. Some people think you can skip the carpet cleaning if you go barefoot in your home and don’t eat or drink in carpeted areas, but that’s a myth. You wouldn’t forget to wash the sheets on your bed, would you?


Your Carpet Is An Air Filter

If you have carpet even in just one room, that’s the biggest air filter in your room. It’s a magnet for pet dander, pollen, fungus spores, and other allergens. If you fail to clean your carpet, it eventually becomes fully saturated, and these trapped contaminants release into the air.


You can imagine what that does to the air quality in your home; this a big reason why some people think carpets are a hard no for those with asthma and allergies. If you get them cleaned regularly, though, then they’re perfectly fine for those with asthma or allergies. A professional carpet cleaning can deeply penetrate your carpet and wash away all the things lurking in the fibers.  If you suffer non-stop from allergies or your room is starting to feel a bit stuffy, that’s a sure sign you need to contact a professional carpet cleaning service.


Your Carpet is Filthy

Even if your carpet looks clean to the naked eye, they’re still filled with bacteria lurking beneath the libers. Even when walking barefoot across a rug, you’re shedding skin cells which dust mites enjoy. If you have kids, your carpet is getting extra filthy. Babies spit up, drool, spill (even out of no-leak sippy cups), and track dirt in from outside. Just spot cleaning won’t do it. Over time, light-colored carpets take on a brownish-yellow tint due to dirt accumulation. Dark-colored rugs don’t yellow as much; however, that’s because they’re so dark you can’t see the dirt as easily.


Having pets also aid in tracking dirt into your home, and pet urine and feces can cause your carpet to smell. Despite treating accident spots, it’s not the same as having the carpet professionally cleaned. The smell will come back. If your kids play on the floor, they’re in direct contact with the dirt and contaminants in your carpet.


Your Carpet Is Stained

Life happens, and carpet stains. You would be surprised what a professional carpet cleaning can get out of your carpets, though. That’s why you should never try to do it yourself. The machines you can rent are not equivalent to the powerful cleaning machines that professionals use. Trained professionals know how to get your carpets clean without stripping your carpet of color or warping the fibers. Different carpets require different methods, but it’s one size fits all when you do it yourself.


If your carpet is stained, don’t delay in scheduling a professional cleaning. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get out. Stains can worsen when you track new dirt in, and it attaches to the already stained fibers. Pets, kids, and entertaining in your home can be challenging on carpets.


Even if you live alone, you may notice mysterious stains appearing and start wondering if you spilled something there. Carpets can stain when we track in moisture or live in high humidity areas. When the rug is damp, any dirt your track into your home automatically adheres to the wet fibers. Cleaning your carpet will not only remove the stains but revitalize high traffic areas where carpet fibers start to look flattened after a while.


Your Carpet Needs Prevention & Maintenance

You should have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. Having your carpets professionally cleaned once a year extends the carpet’s life and gets rid of built-up dirt and contaminants. When your carpets are routinely cleaned, it prevents high traffic areas from staining and keeps your carpet looking fresh and new. With a cleaner carpet, your family can breathe easier and be healthier.


Professional carpet cleaning can stop serious problems from developing, such as dust mite infestations or mold. Carpets being so absorbent are at high risk for decay, especially if you live in a high humidity area or an area where it snows or rains a lot, then tracked in moisture can be pushed to the bottom layer of your carpet. Regular cleaning sanitizes and kills any mold growth and is recommended for high-moisture environments.


If you’re not having your carpets cleaned by a professional at least once a year, then you’re just removing the surface dirt when you vacuum. The deeper layer of soil is still there, and over time, your vacuum and feet compact it even more. Having your carpets cleaned not only makes them look better, but they’ll feel softer underfoot once you get that compacted layer of dirt out.


If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaner, there’s no better service than Sunshine Carpet Cleaning. Call today for a free quote and keep your employees and family safe and happy with a fresh, clean carpet.