Over the weekend, you have your office carpets cleaned, so when you walk into the office first thing Monday morning and hear a squishy noise under your feet, you’re a bit taken back. What? How? Why? SERIOUSLY!? You might even think to yourself, “okay, how do I soak up this remaining water?”.

Besides being annoying and a tad gross, wet office carpets can leave behind much more than water and wreak more havoc on your office than you might realize. For starters, office carpets that are still wet after 24-hours could mean a variety of things: a non-reputable company cleaned them, the carpet cleaner rushed through the job, the cleaner used inadequate equipment, or used incorrect water pressure/temperature.

Let’s further discuss why you need to care about your wet office carpets.

Wet Carpets Should Never Feel Like A Swamp

There is a good chance that if your freshly cleaned carpet is feeling a bit swampy, the carpet cleaners might have overdone it with the water. While water is imperative to the carpet cleaning process, too much water could be a welcoming invitation for mold and other bacteria. Mold can begin growing in the fibers as soon as 24-hours after becoming wet.

When carpets take too long to dry or have the inability to dry due to the excess water, it can also affect your health and your employee’s health; opening a massive liability to not only your health but your livelihood.

Wet Carpets Leave Behind Residue aka A “Crunchy Carpet”

When your office carpets are being cleaned, they need time to dry; we’re using water to get the dirt and bacteria out of the fibers! However, the amount of time your office carpets take to dry does not have to be hours – or even days. When carpets that have been freshly cleaned leave behind an excessive amount of water and feel “crunchy” once they have dried, there is a good chance that residue is also left behind.

You might be thinking, “what’s wrong with a little shampoo/ cleaner left behind in my rug’s fibers going to do?”. Believe it or not, this is extremely bad for your carpet’s health; leftover residue acts as a magnet for dirt and bacteria, which will re-soil your office carpet quickly. Beyond soiling and damaging your carpets, leftover residue can also be toxic if inhaled or comes in contact with skin; Think about your shoes and how they can be brought home to your children or pets.

What Should You Do If Your Carpets Are Staying Excessively Wet After A Carpet Cleaning

If your office carpets are staying wet beyond 24-hours after cleaning, we advise that you start looking for a more reputable carpet cleaning (links to first Dec blog article). While carpet cleaners are not magicians, there are many steps they can take to provide you with a carpet that dries in a relatively quick manner. For instance, office carpets that are cleaned with a truck-mounted vacuum vs. a portable vacuum will dry significantly faster due to the power from the vehicle; more power means more pressure and higher temperatures.

You can also consider looking for carpet cleaning services with a proprietary cleaning process, such as our own “10X Ionic Rinse”. This process is unique to Sunshine Carpet Cleaning and allows the carpets we clean to dry within 4-6 hours, providing you with a fluffier, cleaner carpet.

Remember when you’re sourcing your commercial carpet cleaners to look for a reputable company that will fit your business’s particular needs. Not all carpet cleaners are created equally; do your research.

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