Your home is your sanctuary. Shared with beloved little ones and furry friends, the carpets and flooring in your home inevitably get dirty due to all the frequent visitors walking (or running) across them. As the super parent you are, you are always cleaning up after them – however, with your mother not standing over your shoulder telling you, “you’re cleaning the wrong way,” how do you know you’re cleaning your home safely and effectively!? All jokes aside, there are a few safety tips you can refreshen your mind with to ensure you’re keeping your carpets clean and safe for your family:


  1. Blotting Stains Immediately

When a spill happens, and it lands on your carpeting, no stress. Often, many people tend to think that “baking soda” is the go-to for stains– no baking soda, ever! (It will ruin your carpet.) Start blotting the stain with a white paper towel and peroxide if you have any; after the stain is gone, continue to re-blot it with water. Blotting stains with peroxide and a white paper towel is a chemically safe way to cater to your spill while not endangering your furry friends or children who might get close to the carpet fibers.



  1. Check Your Household Cleaners & Air Fresheners

Being the super parent you are, you do a decent job of disinfecting and keeping your home tidy. When is the last time you glanced at the labels on your cleaning supplies or air fresheners, however? If you caught yourself thinking, “I haven’t checked in a while,” now is an excellent time to open the pantry and look at the chemicals in your household cleaners. You can reference this list here for dangerous harmful substances often found in cleaning products. Air fresheners (although they smell nice) can also be toxic when breathed in or accidentally ingested through cross-surface contamination. All of the chemicals we use here at Sunshine Carpet Cleaning are eco-friendly and safe for our children and furry friends.




  1. Keeping Your Shoes at The Door

When it comes to keeping your floors clean and safe at home, one significant change you can implement would be to keep your shoes at the door. By not tracking your footwear throughout your home, you are eliminating a ton of bacteria and other unique presents that could be lurking on the bottoms of your soles. Think about it, if you wear your shoes inside your home, your dog and children walk barefoot across the floor and then sit on the couch or go into bed, etc. By merely leaving your shoes at the entryway of your home, you will have cleaner (and healthier) floors.





  1. Vacuuming Regularly Between Carpet Cleanings

There’s a reason the vacuum industry is an estimated USD 9.2 billion: regular vacuuming helps maintain healthy floors in your home. As crazy we are about carpet cleaning, the typical homeowner only needs an annual or bi-annual professional carpet cleaning service – unless you have The Brady Bunch living at your house, then you might need an extra cleaning or two. By vacuuming regularly, you help keep your floors clean and also prolong the life of your carpet.


Remember, there is a ton you can do by yourself to keep your home carpets clean and healthy: Take care of spills on your flooring as soon as it happens, be cognizant of chemicals, leave your shoes at the door, and vacuum frequently. When your home is ready for a professional carpet cleaning service, you can simply fill out the form here and a member from our team will be in touch soon.


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